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March 2024 International Tennis Team



      The International Amateur Sports Council is communicating with Sanya Tennis Association, Qingdao Tennis Association and Beijing Yongcheng Tennis Club about holding the "the Belt and Road International Tennis Team Match" in March 2024 .

      There are about 6-8  countries and about 16  club teams.They come from China, Russia, Lithuania, and CIS countries.

Historical events
After returning to China, the delegation from the Foreign Exchange Center of the General Administration of Sport of China submitted a report to the General Administration of Sport of China on joint...
Tennis is a noble sport that originated and flourished in Europe, and people advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Tennis, as one of the four major aristocratic sports in the world, combines athletics ...
Badminton is a small indoor sport made of feathers and cork, played with a long handled mesh ball across the net. Badminton matches are held on a rectangular field with a net between the two sides....
Swimming is a skill in which a person floats upwards under the buoyancy of water, and through the regular movement of their limbs through buoyancy, the body moves regularly in the water.In the 1760...
On February 24-26, 2018, the International Amateur Sports Council, the Sanya Municipal Government and the Sanya Tennis Association jointly held the first "Sanya Cup" International Tennis Tournament...

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